View Full Version : Where to get digital negatives printed in Canada?

8-Jul-2017, 22:02
I have starting to use digital negatives, by printing from my cheap home office printer. It works, but the quality is bad. I am looking for an option to get good quality negatives printed so I can experiment without having to buy a printer.

I am in a small town, so I assumed online would be the best option. I'm looking for a service in Canada or who will ship to Canada at a good price.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


9-Jul-2017, 08:40

Bob Carnie in Toronto

Fred L
9-Jul-2017, 11:20
Are you looking for prints on silver halide and wet processed ?

I've used Bob's previous service Elevator, for printing a scanned 6x17 neg onto traditional fibre paper, wet processed and toned. If you're not looking for that, Toronto Image Works is another fine option.

11-Jul-2017, 16:59
There is http://digitalsilverimaging.com/ in Massachusetts, founded by a former Ilford exec. I don't know if they ship to Canada, but it's another place to check out.

Edit: I glossed over your desire for digital negatives. Maybe they can do that, too. It's still worth checking out in general.