View Full Version : Advice on proper storage of Wet Plate Collodion chemicals in garage

8-Jul-2017, 12:17
I want to get back into Wet Plate Collodion but would really like some advice on what would be the safest way to store the chemicals in my garage. I'm mainly concerned about flammable chemicals and any fumes that might be lingering.

One option I was thinking of that might work(?) would be to get a Yeti/Orca cooler and store everything in there. While I'm thinking it might be a good way to keep any fumes from getting in the garage I'm not quite sure if this is a safe option? I've looked at chemical storage cabinets online but honestly don't have $1k to spend on a cabinet alone. Can anyone give me some suggestions on a safe way to store the chemicals in my garage?

Thank you in advance!

8-Jul-2017, 16:07
If you're handy, you might try searching "how to build a flammable storage cabinet" on Google. Lots of info.

Jeff Graves
11-Jul-2017, 19:21
What ambient temperatures do you see in your garage? If your garage is stable and not too hot I would suggest a cooler with a blanket inside placed over the bottles. This has been my method of storage in my basement darkroom for the last seven years. I usually see temps between 62 - 70 deg. F.