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7-Jul-2017, 09:29
Within the '60s, Richard Novak made surfboards and traveled around the globe trying to find the finest wave.

Today how to ride a skateboard step by step (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-ride-skateboard-beginners-skates-zone) he makes skateboards and travels around the globe making distribution contracts for his million-plus company.

Novak's Santa Cruz Skateboards, among the nation's top skateboard manufacturers, cranks out boards monthly that's likely the most effective companies in Santa Cruz County, about 50 employees.

Inside the firm's Soquel factory, several corrugated-metal structures within the eucalyptus grove, the appear of drills, routers and reggae music fill the elements. Workers operate machines that punch out wood skateboards within about a minute.

Novak's skateboards cost, including wheels along with other components, much more compared for skateboards produced in Taiwan and provided by K mart.

"We have removed Taiwan,' mentioned Novak, who's self-capitalized. "We beat the junk stuff.' Today's skateboarders want quality boards and could provides you with the cost --or possibly the very best their parents will, he mentioned.

Novak is becoming chances to create within the China at affordable cost points, and may not. He's adamant about remaining a U.S. manufacturer.

The business may be the finest three U.S. skateboard manufacturers together with Powell Corp. of Santa Barbara and Vision Sports Corporation. of Costa Mesa. Novak mentioned nearly three million skateboards are available yearly inside the u . s . states . states .

Because the clients are so according to trends in board styles, manufacturers in addition for distributors face major risks employing their inventories.

"Buying habits change so rapidly,A mentioned Dale Cruz, online sources San Jose-based Go Skate Surf & Sports Corporation., energy elevated in one store to eight within the last 13 years. http://skateszone.com/what-size-skateboard-should-i-get/ "A board will sell eventually along with a couple of days ago it will not. A great deal is determined by the professional riders who endorse specific manufacturers' boards. Eventually an expert is riding another board without any-one desires to ride the main one he acquainted with endorse.'

Competitors are stiff among skateboard makers.

"It provides a good deal connected with cost and board design,' mentioned Len Kado, controller for Vision Sports Corporation. "Design is actually competitive. These kids love good graphics within the boards.'

In addition, you'll find greater than boards to promote using what observers feel have become just as much a existence-style just like a sport. Kado's company features tattoos that wash off and hubby is afraid Santa Cruz Skateboards and Vision will duplicate them.

Novak designed wheels for skateboards that are presently a typical available on the market, getting him a enjoyable profit. The "trucks,' which have the wheels overall and let skaters to "grind' their boards on curbs and ramps, cost some.

Since Novak's boards would be the most broadly used, also, he's options within the lucrative skateboard clothing and shoe business.

He lately rejected a clothing cope with a Japanese company for fear he may come unglued of his trademark. A part of his business, however, includes sales of T-shirts, sweatshirts and decals that skaters stick on their own boards.

Skateboarding has existed a rise since 1984. "It went gangbusters and have been bad from Novak mentioned. "We have not peaked out now.A

There are other than 31 million children between , reflecting an enormous market coming, he mentioned.

Novak is cultivating his overseas sales, attempting to soon have $numerous in sales. Today, sales stand at $two million to $3 million.

He just opened up in the Brazilian market and provides strong sales in Japan, Australia, Germany and the remainder of Europe. In addition, you'll find big markets in England, he added.

Santa Cruz Skateboards produces fully-outfitted boards--with wheels and touches--inside the production volume. The unequipped boards usually cost about $40 in shops.

Novak mentioned he's greater than back orders for boards. He desires to hold growth lower to 33 percent nonetheless it keeps sneaking around fifty percent. different types of skateboards (http://skateszone.com/different-types-of-skateboards-list-for-beginners/)

"My strategy is looked for after,A he mentioned. "We ensure we do not produce greater than we are able to sell.'

Jim Noel
7-Jul-2017, 10:07
The lens on your Speed only tilts up. In other words the bottom of the lens board swings out. It's only practical use is to bring the lens back into vertical alignment when the base is dropped.

Doremus Scudder
7-Jul-2017, 10:53
Tilting a lens does nothing to its inherent sharpness, depth of field, etc. except move the focus plane where all those things happen to another location in relation to the film. Repositioning the plane of sharp focus with tilts and swings is essential to view camera technique and one of the great advantages to having movements. Get yourself a primer on camera movements. The host site for this forum has tons of great information; Vhttp://www.largeformatphotography.info/



7-Jul-2017, 14:38
The lens on your Speed only tilts up. In other words the bottom of the lens board swings out. It's only practical use is to bring the lens back into vertical alignment when the base is dropped.

But with the base dropped, the lens is tilted forward and you can move and lock it in any angle back up to vertical. -- so you effectively have tilt is both directions. Front rise is used to counter the dropping of the bed.

But Doremus hit the nail on the head. Read up on camera movements, get a grasp on the basics, then we can better answer your questions! But you have already started on the right foot -- looking at the GG and seeing what happens! Good luck and have fun!

PS -- Using f5.6 does not give you much depth of field -- not surprised you would have areas of soft-focus when using movements. And unless you are using a loupe or other aid to help you see the image on the GG, you might not be able to accurately judge perfect focus easily...especially corners and sides.

7-Jul-2017, 18:45
Do you have a book on View Camera use? The Deardorff book or View Camera books like Steve Simmon did will help a lot with understanding the camera and its use.

Dan Fromm
7-Jul-2017, 19:02
But with the base dropped, the lens is tilted forward and you can move and lock it in any angle back up to vertical. -- so you effectively have tilt is both directions. Front rise is used to counter the dropping of the bed.

All this is true. But whether front tilt can be used with a Graphic depends on the lens' focal length and the focused distance. In general Graphics' movements are quite unusable. I like my little Graphics but front rise aside their movements are a cruel joke.

OP, using movements with a lens that's hard to put in shutter -- your Aero Ektar, for example -- is a real problem. The best solution is to use a camera that has usable movements and that will accept a behind-the-lens shutter. The first that comes to mind is a Sinar with a Sinar shutter but even that's a little problematic with an AE. Another alternative is to cobble up something that will hold a Speed Graphic body, possibly with the bellows and front standard removed, in front of an AE mounted on a camera that has usable movements.

brad martin
8-Jul-2017, 16:51
Google "view camera movements".

9-Jul-2017, 02:37
The briefest summary is at:


9-Jul-2017, 16:53
This work for me. I just wish I could remember it when I go out to shoot.


Andrew O'Neill
9-Jul-2017, 19:14
Read the article, How to focus the view camera, on the LF Home Page. Use Google. Lots of information. Even stuff on Youtube. All you have to do is look.

10-Jul-2017, 11:19
The best 1 page introduction to LF movements:


Print it out and keep it with you until you have mastered it.


11-Jul-2017, 23:01
Question: when I tilt the lens on my Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5, will it influence sharpness, or just shift focus? Or neither of those two?

Yes, it will affect sharpness because the image plane will have moved because the lens is now either tilted up (horizontal photos) or is looking to the side (vertical photos). (I am assuming you didn't drop the lens bed.)

Yes, the focus will probably shift ... because the lens has moved.

As others have suggested, watch the ground glass and refocus on your subject. That is a good rule to follow any time you move the lens.

As I said above, the image plane will move and instead of it being in parallel with the film, the image plane will cut through the film on an angle. Part of the image will be in front of the film and part will be behind the film. This can be a cool effect once mastered.