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Steven Tribe
1-Jul-2017, 09:01
I had a trip to-day into the only real photographica shop in Copenhagen (oneofmanycameras). And yes, there were real young tourists there buying film!

Dodging my way past some Studio Cameras of the right era, I found the older lenses, especialy an early (11,xxx) Voigtlander Petzval for CdVs. But this had a shrunken tangential drive, with a small cover, short axel and a tiny knob. The housing was nothing other than bent brass and was attached by 4 rivets to the barrel. The knob reminded me of the system used to turn open tins of sardines when I was a child!

There was a name on the wheel "rund brenner" which I thought might be a sardine factory. No luck, it is just the German word for the brass adjustment system which is used to move the wick in oil lamps!
Which is a lot like a tangential drive! A quick repair using one of Grandma's old oil lamps. It is still, just about, in working order.

A real do it yourself from the days when CdV photographers were not exactly well off!

Shop photos made by Bjarke.


1-Jul-2017, 12:35
So you will use this lens as an oil lamp, next?

1-Jul-2017, 13:05
Does the flange double as a bottle opener?

Kent in SD

Steven Tribe
1-Jul-2017, 13:56
Not my lens - still in the shop. I really have too many CdV lenses already. But I did buy a Suter Landscape meniscus!

Actually, I have charity shops as a good source for thin brass tubes which can replace the soldered lens hoods on Petzvals. These are missing almost as often as flanges. Most scrap brass items are curved, but some straight sections on 50's/60's brass bric-a-brac can be used.

John Kasaian
1-Jul-2017, 17:52
Brilliant! What a creative solution.