View Full Version : Free Elwood 5 by 7 in Birmingham AL

29-Jun-2017, 10:55
I just spotted a free Elwood 5X 7 enlarger in Birmingham AL on Craigslist. The guy says it has all the parts. I don't know this guy and have no $$ interest in this. I just don't want to see this thing wind up in the landfill.

29-Jun-2017, 12:52
I really like mine. I try and use it at least once a week. A solid, simple enlarger that looks great to boot.

Jim Jones
29-Jun-2017, 19:22
I used one for years, and might still be using it if the darkroom hadn't burned up long ago.

Uncle Jim
7-Jul-2017, 19:36
I bought my Elwood 5 x 7 in 1963 for $25.00 and am still using it. I upgraded it to an 8 x 10 by following the article by Randy Moe in the DIY section here. Still works great and I can still do 5 x 7 with it also.

8-Jul-2017, 21:37
My buddy has an 8x10 and a deluxe 5x7 Elwood. Made a living for 15 years by coping real photo postcards with a process camera and printing them with the Elwoods. One time we made 6 foot long pan shot reprints by using the 8x10 hinge feature to project horizontal. 12 inch red dot Artar for the enlarging lens. Those were darn nice copies.
Good times,