View Full Version : Fragile Waters at San Jose Museum of Art

QT Luong
28-Jun-2017, 19:40
There is currently a superb exhibit at the San Jose Museum of art, with B&W work from Ansel Adams, Dorothy Kerper Monnelly (a East Coast large format landscape photographer) and Ernest H. Brooks II, curated by Jeanne Falk Adams. It is running until Aug 6.

More info: http://sjmusart.org/exhibition/fragile-waters-photographs-ansel-adams-ernest-h-brooks-ii-and-dorothy-kerper-monnelly

We visited at the museum at the request of my 13-year old daughter. Her comment to me upon visit: "your photos are not here because you need to work on better projects" :-)

Keith Fleming
28-Jun-2017, 20:34

Thanks for that heads-up on the "Fragile Waters" show.

Don't feel bad about your 13-year old daughter's remarks. When my daughter was that age I heard somewhat sneering references to "Dad's 'dead leaf' pictures." But then, she did, and does make paintings, not photographs.


QT Luong
28-Jun-2017, 23:38
My daughter is correct and demonstrates a better understanding of the contemporary art world than most. Note she didn't say that photographs needed to be better. So ouch! but pround.

Michael Graves
29-Jun-2017, 09:44
When my daughter was about 12, she asked me, "Why is it that your only good pictures are the ones of me?"