View Full Version : Toyo Field 45A 2 Revolving back question

28-Jun-2017, 15:54
Hi Guys, New member here and 1st post/question. I have a Toyo CF with the type back you remove and turn, but I've got an odd, but major, personal project that would be much much easier if I could just rotate the back to do vertical and horizontal shots. My CF changes the center point of composition, by just a small amount, which requires resetting the camera when switching from vertical to horizontal. My question is...when you rotate the back does the rotation on a 45A2 keep precisely the center in the same spot? The CF does not when changing the back from vertical to horizontal or horizontal to vertical. I need the center of the image to stay EXACTLY in the center.

Many thanks for any help on this!

DG 3313
28-Jun-2017, 19:10
I haven't checked with film.....but, my eye thinks it does........yes!

Neal Chaves
28-Jun-2017, 19:24
The Toyo revolving back will maintain the center in any position.

29-Jun-2017, 06:10
Many thanks DG and Neal! I don't know why the CF shifts just enough to make it a problem for what I am doing, but it does. I just ordered a 45A 2 L on eBay. I've got a Walker 4x5 SF which uses the Linhof lens boards so I should be all set. Thanks again. :D

29-Jun-2017, 07:21
Agree with DG, to my eye the back maintains center position on my 45AII.

29-Jun-2017, 07:49
Thanks Chassis for taking the time to confirm this for me. I'm really looking forward to the revolving back feature on the 45II for this specific project I've got going. The eBay one I just ordered was listed as Mint! Hopefully it won't take too long to get from Japan to Boston, MA...