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27-Jun-2017, 12:28
Hello, the forum!

I found the forum while seeking information on a second lens for my newly found Super Speed Graphic. This is an estate sale find, and just in great condition. I need to fill out what was in the hard case (camera, film holders, Series 6 filters, some outdated film). The lens on the camera is the standard Graflex 135mm f4.5. This will work for slightly wide shots with little movement.

I found a couple of undrilled lens boards, and I'm starting to look at "second" lenses now. Suggestions are welcome.

A few years ago I went 100% Nikon digital, and sold off my film equipment (35mm and medium and large format). In the last year, I updated from a Nikon D200, to my current D500 and D750 Nikons with a large battery of lenses. I should be happy, right?

I also got the siren call of medium format, and purchased a Mamiya 645 Pro TL, lenses, backs, etc. I also found a very nice Mamiya C330s, and I scan my own transparencies. I also bought a couple of Nikon film cameras (F6, FE2), and have started shooting more 35mm.

I've also scanned several hundred transparencies of all formats, and I was surprised at just how stunning the 4x5 transparencies look in digital. I also print from a Canon Pro 100.

Glad to be here, and looking forward to the knowledge from you.

Alan Gales
28-Jun-2017, 14:22
Welcome to the forum, Dennis!

A very good friend of mine owns a Super Speed Graphic. I tried to buy it off him but it belonged to his Dad so he is sentimental about it. I don't blame him.

Most of us here own other film formats and/or digital cameras too so you will fit right in. :)

Peter Collins
28-Jun-2017, 19:09
Dennis, WHERE in SE Mich? I'm in AA.

28-Jun-2017, 20:38
Dennis, WHERE in SE Mich? I'm in AA.

About 30 miles east on I94, in Dearborn.

Michael E
29-Jun-2017, 05:47
I went to Oakland Community College in the early nineties, mostly Farmington Hills and Royal Oak campuses. Welcome to the forum!



9-Jul-2017, 18:27
Welcome, Dennis! Born in Detroit (St. John's on the east side). Spent many hours at Adray Camera in Dearborn.

10-Jul-2017, 05:54
Welcome, Dennis! Born in Detroit (St. John's on the east side). Spent many hours at Adray Camera in Dearborn.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Spent a lot of time and many dollars at Adray's, as well as City Camera, Woodward, etc.

As you probably know, Adray's closed a few years ago, but a number of employees from the photo department work at shops, or have their own photo shop businesses in the metro area.