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25-Jun-2017, 16:42
This is basic as hell, but I don't want to buy the wrong thing.

Just bought a cambo 45sf. Need a lensboard for it that is compatible with my former lens/shutter.

I know this is really simple, get a cambo lensboard meant for copal no 1 since my shutter says it's a no 1, but I just want to make sure the shutter's 'for Wista' detail doesn't complicate things.

Here's a picture of my lens and shutter, will it work with this (http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAMBO-SF-631-LENSBOARD-FOR-1-SHUTTER-FOR-CAMBO-ULTIMA-23-35-AND-23SF-CAMERA-/132230448287?hash=item1ec98c849f:g:PsEAAOSwTf9ZRV57) lensboard?



Dan Fromm
25-Jun-2017, 17:57
https://www.cambo.com/en/view-cam/traditional-4x5/view-camera-accessories/lensboards/sf-631/ Flat Lensboard with #1 mount for use with Ultima 23, 35 or 23SF cameras

https://www.cambo.com/en/repro-system/45repro-d/c-224/ Flat Lensboard with #1 mount for use with Cambo 4x5" cameras

2x3 Cambo lensboards are 123 mm x 123 mm, 4x5 Cambo lensboards are 163 mm x 163 mm.

123 != 163

As far as mounting goes, all Copal #1 shutters are alike.

25-Jun-2017, 20:10
Understand that the correct mounting hole seems a couple of mm too large.
Specifically, for copal #1, the hole should be 34.8mmm, but the thread is 32.5mm.

The reason is the retaining ring has a ridge on the inside (toward the shutter) of 34.6mm.
This ring is what fits in the hole on the lensboard.
It protects the shutter threads from being damaged.

- Leigh

Dan Fromm
26-Jun-2017, 04:32
From SKGrimes site:

These drawings are from the original instruction sheets.

Copal Dimensions and Specs
COPAL spec. #0 #1 #3 #3s
front thread M29.5-0.5 M40-0.75 M58-0.75 M56-0.75
back thread M29.5-0.5 M36-0.75 M58-0.75 M56-0.75
overall thickness 20 mm 20 mm 32 mm 28.6 mm
front to shutter 10.2 mm 10.75 mm 17.7 mm 16.25 mm
mount thread M32.5-0.5 M39-0.75 M62-0.75 M61-0.75
lensboard hole 34.6 mm 41.6 mm 65 mm 64.1 mm
iris dia 24 mm 30 mm 45 mm 45 mm