View Full Version : iPhone app for light meter recommendations?

Fr. Mark
24-Jun-2017, 22:43
I think when I eventually update my iPhone software the app I've used as a light meter is going to die. The phone has warned me it will. I wonder if anyone has any recommendations for a light meter app. Thanks!

Nodda Duma
25-Jun-2017, 04:34
Wait... which app are you referring to?

I use Pocket Light Meter, and I'd hate for it to become unusable. I have not updated my phone to the very latest version of iOS, so I'm running iOS 10.3.1. Pocket light meter works great, giving me the EV reading I need to determine exposure times with my dry plate camera.


25-Jun-2017, 11:11
I use Pocket Light Meter too, and haven't heard of it being discontinued. I sure hope it doesn't! It's free and fairly accurate. My only complaints with it is it keeps trying to take "notes" when I don't want it to, and it's useless for complex scenes due to the camera's fairly wide lens. In those situations, only a 1 degree spot meter will do. But for everything else, it's proven to be really handy, and since I always have my phone with me anyway, it's convenience is second to none!

David Lobato
25-Jun-2017, 11:21
+2 on the Pocket Light Meter - on my iPhone 7 Plus with current iOS.

Fr. Mark
25-Jun-2017, 17:43
The one I've been using is iLightmeter. It's worked well for me but I've gotten a couple warning messages it may quit if I update my iPhone. Since there are alternatives I guess I will update the phone and see what happens. Thank for the input

25-Jun-2017, 18:59
I use FotometerPro on the iPhone. Has always worked well for me, although I prefer a dedicated lightmeter. But it has helped me out in the past.

Jim Andrada
26-Jun-2017, 13:43
I've tried a couple of these but they're pretty useless in the desert - too bright to see the screen. Unless of course I made up a small dark cloth for my phone...

Fr. Mark
26-Jun-2017, 18:15
Darkcloth for phone! Love it!

26-Jun-2017, 19:20
Pocket Light Meter. iOS 10.3.2

Kirk Gittings
26-Jun-2017, 19:27
I've tried a couple of these but they're pretty useless in the desert - too bright to see the screen. Unless of course I made up a small dark cloth for my phone...

And they suffer from flair unlike a decent dedicated light meter.

28-Jun-2017, 16:37
myLightMeter Pro is also nice.

7-Jul-2017, 13:05
I've been using the app that comes with the Lumu Power and I'm quite impressed. The app is free but getting the Lumu Power will set you $300 back now... the app comes with a spot meter that uses the camera, it's very reliable and you don't need to buy the Lumu Power.

Fr. Mark
7-Jul-2017, 20:34
I updated my phone the other day and the app I was worried about ilightmeter still works. It still gives me a warning it may not be supported in future iOS.

9-Jul-2017, 11:26
If your shooting large format....nothing beats getting an old pentax V spotmeter or digital spotmeter....using ev readings and zone system make it easy to use.

9-Jul-2017, 13:05
I use myLIGHTMETER on iPhone. Has a basic and a pro mode which is nice. If I'm just running around with my TLR I use the basic mode to take me back to just carrying a basic averaging meter. But it does spot via the camera in pro mode.