View Full Version : Kardan bag bellows, or what?

24-Jun-2017, 10:47
The leather bellows shown came with a Kardan B that I acquired recently. They fit the 4x5 standards but they do not have light baffles and so cannot be used as such.
Are they missing something or am I missing something?
Any help would be much appreciated.


Bob Salomon
24-Jun-2017, 11:08
They don't have baffles. The frames, providing they are not warped, make the light tight seal.

24-Jun-2017, 13:12
Thanks Bob. I will risk some film then.

Bill Burk
24-Jun-2017, 22:11
The obvious use is with a wide angle lens. You have one of those?

You could be fine with a normal lens but you can't get so close.

25-Jun-2017, 02:54
Thanks Bill.
I didn't mean to give the impression that I do not understand the purpose of bag bellows.
It is just that everything else that I have that attaches to the Kardan standards, such as modern bag bellows, standard bellows, backs and lens boards, has light baffles and I wondered why the bellows that I illustrated do not.
I wondered if something was missing but Bob has reassured me on the point.

Bill Burk
25-Jun-2017, 07:55
Had a hunch you knew. I would have wanted to find one of those when I picked up a Protar. As it was I ended up making my own from a scrap of kid leather. Wide angle LF is a lot of fun! Cheers