View Full Version : Kardan bellows replacement

23-Jun-2017, 13:59
I need to replace the bellows on my Linhof Kardan Bi 5x7. The original Kardan frames use screws to attach the bellows whereas all 4x5 Kardan frames I have previously encountered have used rivets to attach the bellows. The old 5x7 bellows have a good condition leather "wide angle" bag type bellows attached to a normal type bellows which are completely shot after attempts at repairing them. I was planning to use the new red bellows I got years ago for the 5x7 Korona. These bellows are synthetic leather or nylon, and I was wondering what would be the best way to "join" them. Has anyone tried this. I don't know whether you can still get original Linhof bellows anymore, or should I send the frames to a bellows maker for a new set of bellows to be installed.

Bob Salomon
23-Jun-2017, 14:17
Check with Bob at Precision Camera in Niles, IL. The B accepts the same bellows as all later Kardan models.