View Full Version : Compagnon "the backpack" for Linhof Technika equipment: recommendable?

23-Jun-2017, 08:30
Mostly I carry my Linhof Master Technika Classic equipment (in addition to the camera: Super Symmar HM 120, Apo-Sironar S 180, spotmeter, a few film backs, film, Silvestri 6x loupe, cable release, Paramo dark cloth, Gitzo 2542 w/ Markins QT3, including a changing bag occasionally as well as pen and paper) in a BW 5000 case with a backpack carrying system. The case and photo insert are great to work out of, however, dragging the whole lot along 20km of trail can be a little cumbersome.

Does anyone of you have experience with Compagnon "the backpack" (http://compagnon-bags.com/produkt/compagnon-the-backpack-in-dunkelgruen-hellbraun-fotorucksack), and whether this would improve portability of the mentioned (or similar) set-up? I called someone at Compagnon the other day but they do not seem to be familiar with LF gear.

18-Mar-2018, 02:03
I guess I'm to late for OP, but perhaps someone else will find it useful.

My Compagnon arrived yesterday. I wanted a backpack that would swallow my 5x7, three cassettes and at least one extra lens. The problem was that I also wanted a backpack that was not made in black nylon. This combination seemed almost impossible to find, until I found Compagnon.

Fits a 5x7 VDS (with lens mounted), a Fujinon 90 SW mounted on lens plate, Fujinon 400 T mounted on lens plate, three 5x7 cassettes and I put the focus cloth in the laptop compartment.

https://s17.postimg.org/yrtjya5rv/IMG_20180318_093733.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/yrtjya5rv/) https://s17.postimg.org/y2arlwxij/IMG_20180318_093808.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/y2arlwxij/)

It's a bit on the heavy side, but I have not tried it in the field yet.

The materials and construction is great - thick leather, great hardware, heavy waxed cotton - but then again it should be considering the price, which I find to be a bit over the top... Stuff made in western Europe tend to be a bit pricey though.
I paid full price for this, and was not asked to do any review.

We're going out in a few hours, looking forward to seeing how The Backpack will perform!

Bob Salomon
18-Mar-2018, 07:19
Konig makes the backpack that Linhof sells for their cameras. Check them out.

30-Mar-2018, 19:01
By "cassette" do you mean a standard double sided film holder, or a multi-film unit?

31-Mar-2018, 14:50
The Compagnon is appealing. I got a backpack from my late camera store, a Canon brand which accommodates a Super Technika, filters, three lenses, mirror back, light meter, and incidentals. It is just fine.

Oh, and it had a gold colored plastic brand attached, "Canon". I cut off the "C". It is now "anon". A bit of pay-back.

31-Mar-2018, 16:01
The Compagnon looks well designed but heavy.

1-Apr-2018, 00:09
A bit less flashy, but for me the Lowepro Protactic 450AW works really well:


Fits my Shenhao TZ45-IIA, 180/5.6, 90/8 and 300/9, 6 holders, accessories etc. Depending on the occasion i will put the holders in the laptop compartment and my 35mm SLR in the top.

1-Apr-2018, 01:53
By "cassette" do you mean a standard double sided film holder, or a multi-film unit?

Regular double sided, the pink bag in the picture :)

1-Apr-2018, 01:59
The Compagnon looks well designed but heavy.
It is heavy! About 7½ Kg with camera, fuji 180mm, three cassettes, dark cloth and tripod, however it sits very well on the back. I regret not getting the extra belt as I'm currently using the chest belt at the waist. Will probably buy one of those in the future.

2-Apr-2018, 17:57
I use a National Geographic "Africa Medium" backpack. (https://shop.nationalgeographic.com/collections/luggage-and-accessories/products/national-geographic-africa-medium-backpack) They are made by Manfrotto apparently, and the quality attests to that: Best bag I've ever used, and I don't mean just for photography either. It is very well built; with waxed canvas and thick leather. I do not baby my photography equipment that much - it always takes a beating - and this backpack has held up for me flawlessly for years, plus it's traveled from northern Ontario down through the States to the Mexican border, and kept my Linhof Super Technika III, Sinar Zoom I, Rolleiflex 3.5B, 3 LF lenses, and a Tiltall strapped to the side, comfortably safe the whole time. For longer hikes in 100+ deg. weather it could use more padding around the lower back, but that can be DIY'ed. Other than that, I love this bag. can't recommend it enough! Pretty lightweight too!


19-Jun-2018, 15:48
Thank you very much for your replies, which I'm seeing only now. In the meantime, Calumet in Berlin gave me the opportunity to load my Linhof MTC equipment in a Compagnon backpack, and had me walk around with it a bit. I fairly quickly came to the conclusion that it is a beautiful item, but that the interior is a bit on the wobbly side to carry the relatively dense and heavy Technika. As Bob suggested I'll contact mr. König at https://www.koenig-photobags.de/ again. Mr. König, whom I visited in Grafenau / Döffingen near Stuttgart last summer, custom-made a bicycle bag for me to take my Technika on bicycle trips. The bag is perfectly sturdy and easily accessible. Currently it serves me as a shoulder bag, too, but for longer hikes I think I'll have myself custom-make a König backpack.

19-Jun-2018, 16:39
Domke once marketed an OutPack photo backpack. Years ago it swallowed up my then 5x7 Linhof Super Technika system. Easily held the Technika, 3 lenses, holders, meter, etc. with room to spare. Padded walls and rode on my back quite more comfortably than other "Photo" backpacks that I have owned and used. See them coming up for auction in like new condition for under $200. Actually picked up another one in like new condition a few years ago for way under $100.00!!!... Suggest you Google images of the OutPack to see what it looks like.