View Full Version : Compagnon "the backpack" for Linhof Technika equipment: recommendable?

23-Jun-2017, 08:30
Mostly I carry my Linhof Master Technika Classic equipment (in addition to the camera: Super Symmar HM 120, Apo-Sironar S 180, spotmeter, a few film backs, film, Silvestri 6x loupe, cable release, Paramo dark cloth, Gitzo 2542 w/ Markins QT3, including a changing bag occasionally as well as pen and paper) in a BW 5000 case with a backpack carrying system. The case and photo insert are great to work out of, however, dragging the whole lot along 20km of trail can be a little cumbersome.

Does anyone of you have experience with Compagnon "the backpack" (http://compagnon-bags.com/produkt/compagnon-the-backpack-in-dunkelgruen-hellbraun-fotorucksack), and whether this would improve portability of the mentioned (or similar) set-up? I called someone at Compagnon the other day but they do not seem to be familiar with LF gear.