View Full Version : What size ziplock for 5x7 holders?

Serge S
22-Jun-2017, 10:33

Can you point me in the right direction for 5x7 bags?



22-Jun-2017, 10:54
Try to find anti-static bags, as these will not charge up the holder slides to attract dust... Uline sells large amounts, but online, or electronic/computer suppliers might have smaller #'s for you...

Steve K

22-Jun-2017, 11:06
5x7 holders are 6"x 9.75", so an 8x10 bag should hold one just fine. The gallon Zip-Loc bags (10.5" x10.5") easily hold a couple 5x7 holders.

If you want something more fitting:


$46 for 1000 bags. Might be more than you need! But you'll want to toss them out regularly as they get torn, dirty, etc.

You might want to check the anti-static bags if you live in a dry climate. https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-13009/Anti-Static-Poly-Bags-Reclosable/8-x-10-2-Mil-Anti-Static-Reclosable-Poly-Bags

The above are 2 mil bags, but they come thicker. Also come padded (bubble bags).

Eric Biggerstaff
22-Jun-2017, 12:36
Vaughn nailed it, I put two into each bag.

Richard Wasserman
22-Jun-2017, 12:59
Mcmaster Carr will sell you 25 8x10 anti-static bags for about $10.


Jerry Bodine
22-Jun-2017, 14:41
I keep each of my 5x7 Fidelity Deluxe holders (older style with wire handles) in 4-mil pink anti-static ziplok bags to keep them dust-free. I get them from this source in Seattle, Washington USA:
Scroll down to the bottom of the page for instructions on getting a quote for the shipping service of your choice.
If you need help, at the very bottom of the page is an email address for contacting.

Here is the specific bag I use; they're 9x12 inches, 4 mil thick: http://staticbags.com/FASST40912.html
Prices / quantities are shown.
You can also get samples to ensure a desired fit.

I THINK two holders fit in the bag, but I'd confirm that if you wish. I only put one holder in the bag for use in the field.

Mark Sampson
22-Jun-2017, 19:02
I'll have to check out these links- thanks all! I was recently given some modern 4x5 Riteway holders (with the big handles) and a supermarket quart size ziplock (which works for all the holders I have used forever) is too small. I'd been meaning to post the question, for once being lazy/forgetful may have worked out.

22-Jun-2017, 21:46
Yeah -- they changed the dimensions of the quart zip-locs...wider but shorter. Bummer.

The 9x12 does seem to be a nice size and should fit two 5x7 holders easily. Just a touch more than the 8x10, but I think the 9x12 might work better.

I need to get some for 8x10 holders (12x15, perhaps -- holders are 9"x13"). Then there are my 11x14 holders -- there are anti-static bubble bags but the nearest fit is 18x23.5 (holders are 13"x18").

Jerry Bodine
22-Jun-2017, 22:33
...I need to get some for 8x10 holders (12x15, perhaps -- holders are 9"x13")...

Vaughn, the 12x15 bags shown in my earlier link are what I use for 8x10 Fidelity Deluxe holders with wire handles, but again I haven't tried to fit two holders in one bag. Can confirm if you want me to.

23-Jun-2017, 00:11
So any workaround for 4x5 new zip locks?

Jerry Bodine
23-Jun-2017, 07:56
So any workaround for 4x5 new zip locks?

The 6x8 bags are fine for 4x5 holders.

mike rosenlof
23-Jun-2017, 08:11
My usual bag for 5x7 film holders is to use the black bag that comes in Ilford's 100 sheet boxes of 8x10 paper. 2 holders fit well. I don't get a zip lock, but it keeps the dust and lint out.