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Chester McCheeserton
22-Jun-2017, 09:11

Came across this pdf written by Gerry Badger on Thomas Joshua Cooper, a black-and-white landscape photographer who teaches (or used to anyway) in Glasgow.

I think he's having an upcoming show at LA County Museum. Posting the essay almost more because I think it's a really well written account of landscape photography's recent history in the art world. Whether you like Cooper's pictures or not, seems interesting to understand how and why he is positioned as an 'important' artist, when what he does seems so similar to what many members on here do.

not great quality reproductions - but I thought a good read.


22-Jun-2017, 09:43
Thanks -- a difficult read on-line, but worth it.

Thomas was one of my teachers/mentors back in the beginning of the 80s.

If you are interested in hearing Thomas discuss one of his shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifzatCLgTZs

David Schaller
23-Jun-2017, 08:02
Thank you very much for posting that article. It led me into a deep Internet dive into Cooper's work, and to a determination to track down actual prints to view in person.