View Full Version : Favorite 8x10 Wet Plate Holders

Joseph Kayne
22-Jun-2017, 07:42
Any recommendations on 8x10
Wet Plate Holders?

Thanks. Joe.

22-Jun-2017, 23:41
I use this:


Pvc, washable, good construction

23-Jun-2017, 11:17
I use the Chamonix holder.

Mark Sawyer
23-Jun-2017, 13:17
I converted an 8x10 Fidelity film holder to take 6x8 plates. You can get 6 6x8 plates from a 12x20 sheet of aluminum, as opposed to 3 8x10's. Plus, I can hold a 6x8 plate by the corners with one hand; not so an 8x10.