View Full Version : Velostigmat to Raptar conversion

20-Jun-2017, 18:07
I don't even have the lens yet, but I'm going to throw this idea out and see if anyone gets excited.

I just bought a 300/4.5 Velostigmat with the fuzzulator adjustment. I already have two 300/4.5 Raptars, enlarging lenses, both of them really clean. I'm thinking that I might be able to substitute the glass, only, straight across from one of those to the Velo, and end up with a coated Velostigmat soft focus lens.

Does anyone have any experience that indicates that this might work?

Mark Sawyer
20-Jun-2017, 18:13
Yup, it's known as the "Velosi-Raptar". :) There are slight differences in barrel/element diameters, so yours may or may not be interchangeable. I went through mixing/matching several of mine, but came up with a match, but all mine were camera lenses, not enlarging lenses. Your mileage may vary...

20-Jun-2017, 21:03
Thanks. That's moderately encouraging. :-)