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20-Jun-2017, 14:25
Hi all,

Been trawling through the forums for almost a month now, soaking up knowledge. Got started in analog photography years ago, learned 4x5 in school, but have been lost in the digital desert for the last few years. My new 4x5 Intrepid Camera is due to arrive this week, and I'm excited to get back into the world of LF! I'm sure once I dive in I'll have lots of questions, but for now just saying hello!


20-Jun-2017, 14:36
Welcome from Ontario

20-Jun-2017, 16:13
Hello from Oceanside, CA.

Welcome to the forum. Have fun with your 4x5 equipment.

But I wouldn't call digital a desert. It's just one of the tools we use.

All images are ultimately digital.


Leszek Vogt
20-Jun-2017, 17:29
Welcome to the forum. Indeed, there is a lots of hands-on experience at this place.


Peter Collins
20-Jun-2017, 18:40
Welcome from Ann Arbor, Michigan! This is a good place. It's my Continuing Education. Enjoy the Intrepid!

20-Jun-2017, 22:37
Thanks for the welcome! And yes, digital isn't a desert. I was just in a creative rut, and my digital tools weren't speaking to me.

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Ray Van Nes
21-Jun-2017, 08:28
Welcome from Calgary. Not certain which part of Western Canada you are in, but feel free to contact me with questions.

22-Jun-2017, 06:04
Thanks Ray! I'm due north of you in Edmonton. Cheers!

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10-Jul-2017, 02:19
hello, welcome and nice to meet you

Andrew O'Neill
17-Jul-2017, 18:23
Welcome to the forum, Bevan.

21-Jul-2017, 14:19
Hello, welcome! How are you liking the intrepid now that you've had it for a bit?

19-Aug-2017, 15:16
Hi Bevan;
I'm another newbie located up in Beaverlodge, Alberta. I'm looking at a Chamonix!!

25-Oct-2017, 18:41
I am in Vancouver and also doing 4x5" (Cambo monorail and Chamonix 045 F2 view camera). I wish you luck and when I see somebody with large format in west coast it could be you.
Besides 4x5" and Hasselblad I do a lost of digital photography but film is always refreshing.
I wish there are more photolabs in Vancouver to be able to process slide film...


25-Oct-2017, 21:31
Hey I'm in Vancouver too! I'm the one with the antique camera wrestling with my dark cloth.