View Full Version : Wet-Plate Collodion/Salted Paper Printing - Berlin

Buck P.
20-Jun-2017, 02:39
Looking to learn Wet-Plate Collodion and/or Salted Paper Printing? Then why not consider one of our upcoming Workshops - in July (7, 8, & 9) is our "Advanced Wet-Plate & Salted Paper Printing" Workshop (learn to make collodion negatives and salted prints from them); in August (26 & 27) is the next Wet-Plate Collodion Workshop (Ambrotypes); and in September (11th through the 16th) we have our "Week of Wet-Plate" that combines both the introductory workshop and the Advanced Wet-Plate Workshop. Contact us to enroll, or for more information (www.centralvalleyproject.com).

photos courtesy of Jonas Tegtmeyer (from our last Advanced Wet-Plate Workshop)