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Doug Richardson
19-Jun-2017, 23:58
Hello all,

I have wanted to get into LF photography since I started my road into photography years ago and finally have made the plunge. I picked up a Cambo SC2 kit with film and developing equipment from another member on APUG. I look forward to learning all I can about using it and developing my own film. I shoot 35mm, MF, and digital as well.

Retired US military living near Trier, Germany. Beautiful place for pictures. If you are close, let me know. We can arrange a meeting someplace/sometime. Or if you are visiting, look me up.


23-Jun-2017, 09:22
Hi Doug, just a quick hello from Austria where I am living! Have fun with that Cambo, I recently acquired my first LF camera, a Graphic View II, a little heavier than my Rolleiflex ;-)

All the best, Andy

Armin Seeholzer
23-Jun-2017, 15:24
Warm welcome from little Switzerland like to have 2 more using big films!!!

Happy shooting Armin

Michael E
23-Jun-2017, 15:41
Hi Doug,

Leipzig is not exactly around the corner from Trier, but if you have any questions or are in the area, give me a holler. Welcome to the forum!



John Kasaian
25-Jun-2017, 13:03
Welcome from Fresno!
So, like... what do you guys do for Mexican food?

25-Jun-2017, 22:28
Welcome from Fresno!
So, like... what do you guys do for Mexican food?

Send out... Expect a big tip is in order...

Welcome!!!! But beware, sometimes some of the "inmates" here need to get out and shoot more (it's their best therapy) so if they get cranky, hand them some holders, show them to the door, and tell them don't come back until they darken some silver... :-)

Have Fun!!!

Steve K

Doug Richardson
26-Jun-2017, 23:16
Thanks all for the welcomes. I am looking forward to learning all I can. Got a kit with some film, so I hope to up and going in the next couple of weeks.

As far as Mexican food, it is hard to find really good places. Most times I just resort to (trying) making my own.

Look forward to possibly meeting some of you guys.


27-Jun-2017, 05:13
Doug - If of any interest to you - I installed a yearly LF Meeting nearby Berlin, and the next one is at the end of August.
Usually a small group of 6 to 10 visitors, highly interested in sharing experience, pictures, and especially in having a nice day :-)

Be welcome !


Doug Richardson
29-Jun-2017, 06:01
I will look at what the schedule can accommodate this summer. We are finishing up some home renovations this summer, but I might be able to make a trip out of it. -Doug

Milton Tierney
5-Jul-2017, 14:39
Willkommen Doug. Was in germany for three year, left in 1976, love the country, the history and the people.