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19-Jun-2017, 08:38
Greetings. I'm looking for lab recommendations in Portland, preferably from personal experience. Since I'm not set up to process sheet film, it would for processing 5x7 B&W negatives primarily. I'm also looking for a lab to print digital files. If its the same lab, great. Otherwise, I would appreciate anyone's thoughts and experiences. Positive or negative.

Thank you!


19-Jun-2017, 15:09
Citizens. They've done E-6 for me and did it well.

19-Jun-2017, 15:25
I don't live in Portland but send Citizen's all my 4x5 color neg film. Good lab for that.

19-Jun-2017, 19:31
I've been sending 4x5 & 5x7 to Citizens for a year now and have been very happy.

Kent in SD

20-Jun-2017, 00:35
I have used citizens to develop my sheet film - E6 and some c41. Negs look good, clean no dust or scratch issues that I have seen.

Paul Cunningham
20-Jun-2017, 13:49
I use Citizens mostly, they are the closest and have reasonable prices. Another option (farther for me) is Blue Moon Camera and Machine, in the St Johns area. I wouldn't hesitate to use either lab.

20-Jun-2017, 18:41
Wow, Citizens is 5 for 5. Checked out their web site and prices are really reasonable. I plan on sending them some FP4 5x7 at the end of the week. Thanks all for your endorsements! -Ray

Peter Gomena
22-Jun-2017, 09:32
Yep, Citizens is the only lab in town with dip-and-dunk processing for E-6, C-41, and B&W. I use them all the time. (It doesn't hurt that they are 10 minutes from my workplace.)