View Full Version : I wimped out...

John Kasaian
17-Jun-2017, 21:06
...and bought, bought a shotgun sling to carry my tripod with.
I was going to make one out of leather but no time, so I thought this one looked like a good bet:

About $20 at Sportsman's Warehouse in nifty Mossy Oak camo. The cheaper model had some hard plastic that looked uncomfortable.
What's cool about the shotgun style for tripods is that swivels aren't used.

17-Jun-2017, 21:13
show us a video of it in action sometime!

17-Jun-2017, 21:59
I bought an artist's easel carry satchel at art store's clearance section for cheap long ago, and it serves me well for carrying smaller tripods up to the size of a Tiltall... It is starting to wear out after MUCH use, so I guess I have to find another...

One tip for the urban jungle, is that longer stuff in camo or military style bags makes people nervous, like you are some kind of paramilitary wacko, and bringing your "toy" into public, so if you are trying to keep a low key in the city, try not to look like the "unibomber"... And for our country cousins, maybe some international orange if Elmer can't decide if it's duck or rabbit season... :-(

Steve K

David Karp
17-Jun-2017, 23:59
He should be OK in Fresno. :-)

Bruce Barlow
18-Jun-2017, 04:08
Why is that wimping out? It looks like genius!

neil poulsen
18-Jun-2017, 06:55
From the sling's description:

. . . are aware that fatigue plays a major role in missed or poorly placed shots.

Alan Gales
18-Jun-2017, 08:21
Anyone who carries a Deardorff V8 with a Ries tripod is not a wimp in my book.

It looks like a great idea to me, John!

Jim Andrada
19-Jun-2017, 19:47
I went to school with the Unibomber. Same college class. You wouldn't have taken particular note of him if you'd seen him.

Rick A
20-Jun-2017, 04:17
I have one of these.

20-Jun-2017, 08:16
I made one out of a carabiner, an old camera strap, and some Velcro. The carabiner attaches to the tripod head and the Velcro wraps around the feet. On the plus side, it didn't cost me anything as I already had the stuff lying around, not being used. On the negative side, I wish it had some padding.

John Kasaian
28-Jun-2017, 20:11
I gave the shotgun sling a good test today, and it worked like a dream!
Oh, I got a cheap dog collar from Dollar Store to keep the legs together---it was the smallest one they had and a nifty electric blue color.
The padding on the shotgun sling was a joy though! I lugged it from the Lewis Creek trailhead on 41 down to a couple of locations at Corlieu Falls then back up.
Definitely a thumbs up for this one!

29-Jun-2017, 09:26
The older version of Manfrotto's shoulder strap (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/646539-REG/Manfrotto_MSTRAP_1_MSTRAP_1_Tripod_Shoulder_Strap.html/?gclid=CJuaida749QCFQePaQodrtcCNg) have a 3/8" stud with a swivel that screw into the top of the tripod. I've used one with 3 different tripods now for 25 years or so.

Drew Bedo
1-Jul-2017, 05:43
I have, in the past, bought camera bags at a Pawn Shop for low bucks. sometimes just for the dividers or the straps.

Here in Houston, Collector's Firearms has a bargain grab bag with used rifle cases, holsters and straps at clearance prices (you can sometimes negotiate the price down).

For moving around my wooden tripod, I have trussed up the legs with nylon dog collars and snapped the swivel clips of an old hippie-style camera strap to the rings on each collar.

8-Jul-2017, 19:19
Great idea! I have one similar for my old double barrel shotgun. Now have a new use for it.