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Hugo Zhang
17-Jun-2017, 19:32
Hi everyone,

Our new ultra-light 810 model is coming out in mid July.

It is a horizontal only format and you have to turn the camera 90 degrees for vertical shots. The name of the camera is 810 Alpinist.

Here are some numbers:

weight: 2,460 grams without the ground glass cover
max bellows without extension rack: 570mm, 700mm with extension rack
min bellows: 60mm
front rise: 72mm, front fall: 53mm, front shift: 50mm on each side
rear swing: 10 degrees on each side
rear tilt: 30 degrees
folded size: 355mm x 270mm x 97mm
price: $3,500 plus $115 EMS shipping

I will post some pictures next month in our website when it comes out.


Tri Tran
20-Jun-2017, 22:58
Excellent design. Thanks for the update Hugo.

15-Aug-2017, 15:23
Any news about this camera or pictures? It could influence my purchase decision!

Hugo Zhang
15-Aug-2017, 15:49
First batch of 25 are all sold out and next batch is coming out next March. I will post pictures of it later this month on our website. But you can email me and I will send pictures to your email. Thanks. Hugo

15-Aug-2017, 17:36
We all love you, Hugo. :)

Jim Fitzgerald
15-Aug-2017, 18:00
Hugo, awesome. Can't wait to see it!!

15-Aug-2017, 23:49
Hugo is a really good guy, helped me so much with my 4x5!

16-Aug-2017, 03:11
I am guessing this is it...


22-Aug-2017, 15:15
Great! Just when I thought I had enough equipment...

5-Sep-2017, 19:46
Just out of curiosity - what is the weight savings that can be achieved by making the camera horizontal only? I have a similar query on the Chamonix H-1 5x7 offering which also does horizontal only. I've been advised to get the 057Fs2 if I want to go 5x7 in portrait position, but that loses the non-folding charm of the H-1 so I balked at the time. I've the same question here for this new 810 product. Who does 8x10 in horizontal positions only? Those who shoot only 4x10?

Not meaning to trash talk this product (in this day and age, any new film gear is music to the ear), but I am genuinely lost as to "what's the point".

Hugo Zhang
5-Sep-2017, 21:15

This new camera is about half the weight of our flagship 810 camera with convertible back. Anybody who wants one 810 camera for universal use should consider our 810 camera with convertible back.

But over the years, people keep asking us to make them a light weight 810 camera, many of them already have our 810 convertible cameras. Excuses can always be found: some people who want to walk far from there parked cars and others who shoot mostly horizontal landscapes.

Do we plan to make another camera with convertible back at the same weight? Not possible. But we do plan to make an identical sister for this camera and it will be vertical only. So we will have a twin. All the numbers will be the same. The new baby will come out next March.

I guess the point is that some people, this number is very small indeed, are asking for and willing to pay multiple cameras for one format. Crazy, isn't it? Almost like some car people.

5-Sep-2017, 23:38
Thanks for the reply Hugo, the example is aptly put indeed. I have sent you a PM on a similar subject which doesn't relate the 810 (hence I sent by way of PM). Thanks and look forward to reading reviews on the camera!

Michael Jones
14-Oct-2017, 13:09
I just received my Alpinist. What a wonderful camera! It is the new Millennium successor to the Phillips Explorer. Absolutely world class materials, construction and finish. The camera is so simple it becomes an extension of you.

I probably insulted Hugo when I emailed that having owned two Phillips Explorers, I think Dick would pleased to see what Chamonix has done with his concept. I meant it as a compliment of the highest order.


karl french
14-Oct-2017, 13:13

Andrew O'Neill
17-Oct-2017, 09:06
Like the look and the GG protector.

Peter De Smidt
17-Oct-2017, 09:26
That's a nice looking camera. I look forward to hearing about how it is in the field.

17-Oct-2017, 10:05
Appreciate this is an ultra-light option for a 8x10 camera - but is there an easy way to put the camera in portrait positions when you want to, say, picture a tree? I seem to be unable to comprehend the charm of horizontal- / vertical-only field cameras...have I missed the elephant in the room, or do you really shoot exclusively horizontal composition?