View Full Version : Help needed with V700 Photo Scanning Problem

David Karp
16-Jun-2017, 17:37
I was working with my V700 Photo today, calibrating the height of my Betterscanning mounting station. I was using Silverfast 8.8 to make the scans. Everything started out fine and each iteration showed increasing sharpness. I made six scans, starting at 0 and moving up by .2mm each time. So good so far. :-)

When I tried to make the preview for my seventh scan, the result was not a negative scan. It was just a jumble of black and colors.

I tried multiple times with Silverfast, but got the same result each time. I switched to Epson Scan and tried Full Auto Mode, but the program just closed - no scan. I tried to make a scan in professional mode, but no go - the scan was in progress forever.

When trying to make the scans, you can see that the transparency light is on and that it is moving.

I reopened Epson Scan, and switched to reflective mode. After replacing the cover that goes on the lid (that covers the transparency light and provides a cushion that pushes down on the document being scanned), I was easily able to make a scan of the document I put on the platen.

I tried both Silverfast and Epson Scan again. I was never able to get anything via Epson Scan. Upon res-scanning with Silverfast, this is what I got:


Have any of you experienced this? Any thoughts?

Or do I have to make a trip to the repair shop?

David Karp
17-Jun-2017, 16:03
OK. Eventually, I found the problem. I inadvertently bumped the scanning station so it intruded on the calibration area at the top of the platen. This area must be kept open, so it was operator error. As soon as I readjusted the scanning station everything was back to normal. I kept going and found the proper scanning height and I am getting much sharper scans.

I have to add another note. Doug Fisher from Betterscanning saw my post and emailed me. He hypothesized possible causes of the problem and hit the nail on the head. That is GREAT customer service.

17-Jun-2017, 16:27
Was going to suggest a restart of everything.

25-Jun-2017, 11:26
Unfortunately, my Epson 4990 focuses best directly on the glass, so I can't use a mount. But I went through the same experience as you when I first got it. When in reflective mode, it did fine, but with transparencies, you need that small section of open space at the front. I'm glad you got it figured out. That problem ate about an afternoon of my life as well!