View Full Version : Apo Ronar 360 f:9 coverage?

16-Jun-2017, 06:19
Image circle at infinity - enough for some movement with 4X10. Is it less coverage than the 14 inch f:6.3 Kodak Commercial Ektar?

Emmanuel BIGLER
16-Jun-2017, 06:49
Apo Ronar 360 f:9 coverage? Image circle at infinity

Hi ! You'll probably find all you need in this discussion in the archives


16-Jun-2017, 08:01
Thanks. I saw that thread as soon as I posted. Durhh!

16-Jun-2017, 08:14
The 14 inch f:6.3 Kodak Commercial Ektar in #5 shutter I assume is a Tessar design, so should be around 60 degrees angle of view, and will give better coverage than the Apo Ronar. I intend to use both lenses for landscape work in 4x10, which was not either's intended use. Should I stick to the 300mm Symmar-S for this purpose?

Armin Seeholzer
16-Jun-2017, 11:15
I use it most on my 8x10 inch camera ( APO Ronar f9 360mm in shutter from factory optimized to 1:10 ) mine has about one inch shift possibility at f 22 a bit more at f32!

Mark Sampson
16-Jun-2017, 12:51
The Kodak CE should do just fine for your purpose. The Symmar-S is an excellent lens as well. It is sharper than the Kodak, which you may never notice unless you intend to print extremely large. It will also have more contrast; again this can effectively be dealt with while printing. The Schneider will be more flare-resistant, but you should be using a good lens shade no matter what lens. Their shutters, that's down to age and condition. Not much difference between the two focal lengths. So use the lens that gives you the angle of view you want for a given picture. A year's practice will tell you if you like one better.