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14-Jun-2017, 04:28
I'm Luca, 30yo and i live in Italy

I'm a photographer, i work in digital. But my passion is analogic.. after 35mm and rolleiflex i'm building an home made large format 4x5

Armin Seeholzer
14-Jun-2017, 10:47
Hi Luca warm welcome here from Switzerland near Lucerne!

14-Jun-2017, 12:04
Hi Luca, and Welcome Aboard from Maryland in the USA.

I've never been to Italy, but from pics I've seen you must have a huge selection of subject matter.
Neat looking country. Hope to see some of your photos.

- Leigh

Leszek Vogt
15-Jun-2017, 20:56
Welcome to LF forum. No doubt there is more to Italy than Rome, Tuscany, Venice or Dolomites :>)....nice places tho.


17-Jun-2017, 03:09
Hello Luca, welcome to this forum. Its nice to hear from you.

John Kasaian
17-Jun-2017, 06:22
Welcome aboard!

Jim Graves
18-Jun-2017, 22:18
Ciao, Luca!

David Karp
18-Jun-2017, 22:27

10-Jul-2017, 02:17
hi Luca, nice to meet you :D

15-Jul-2017, 14:10
Hi Luca, I'm also new here, but an older gent of 64. I am also looking into building my own 8 x 10 folding view camera. Although I'm quite the craftsman I have to admit I'm a little hesitant because projects like this tend to absolutely consume me until its done.
Good luck on your build.