View Full Version : Schneider Tele Arton 180mm f5.5 info needed

13-Jun-2017, 09:21
Hey do you guys have any info on Scneider Tele arton 180mm f5.5 ? i found no info and i was wondering for what it was purposed.
Lens does not have shutter. this is the only photo that I have.166080

Arne Croell
13-Jun-2017, 09:40
Not sure what this shutterless version was for, maybe some projection setup or for an industrial use? In a 1967 brochure, Schneider lists two 180mm Tele-Artons, f/4 and f/5.5. The former came in a size 1 shutter, the latter in size 0. Whether yours will fit in a size 0 is an open question - cells from barrel lenses are sometimes the same as for the shuttered version, sometimes not. Both versions are listed with 35 coverage, 110mm image circle, for 6x9cm film. An older (1956) brochure lists only the f/5.5 version and a 110mm image circle for f/5.5 and 119mm for f/32.

13-Jun-2017, 10:06
Thanks. Probalby no info on value ? i somewhere saw that prototype of this lens was for hasselblad but had different barrel

13-Jun-2017, 14:16
It's a standard Schneider Blendenkorper #0. Threads and distances are exactly the same as in a normal modern #0 shutter. The lens can be remounted in minutes.

Funny enough, I own the 5.5/180 in shutter and put it on my Pentax 645, never using the lens shutter.... would actually prefer the barrel version.

13-Jun-2017, 14:34
I like the one I have in a shutter, though my shutter is busted so I mostly use it on bulb for long exposures. wish the shutter were good so I could use it for handheld shots. Main thing to know is it probably only cover 6x9 and would vignette on 4x5.