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12-Jun-2017, 15:20
I've run across a PC cord that is new to me -- on the right in the photo. I've tried to ID it, but there are so many styles, I figured it would be easier to ask the experts. My guess is that it is some sort of proprietary PC cord to go to a particular flash(es). Honeywell Stobonar, etc., perhaps? Here is a picture. It is short, has a male standard PC on one end and a two pronged contact on the other. I could just throw it out, but maybe someone through EBAY could use it. Looks like new. I've included a nickel and standard, household, electrical, two-pronged, A/C plug for comparison.

Thanks for any help, suggestions.


Sirius Glass
12-Jun-2017, 16:52
It looks like the connectors for Grapflexes and older lenses for the Crown and Speed Graphics.

12-Jun-2017, 17:56
So it's designed to connect the shutter in those cameras to a flash having a more conventional PC connection. That makes sense. I'll check into it. THANKS.

12-Jun-2017, 18:12
The only Graphic, Graflex cords I can find look just like household A/C electrical plugs (on the left in the photo).

12-Jun-2017, 18:28
That's the connector to a specific more modern (electronic?) flash, but I can't jog my mind to shake out which one at the moment. The funny end goes to the flash, not the camera. Part of me wants to say Argus, but I can't remember why. The PC end is for the camera, of course.

. . . . OH, I said Argus, because it looks like the camera side of the C3 cord. But it's not that......

13-Jun-2017, 05:18
Yeah, I saw an ARGUS flash unit a long time ago, and that might be it. I'll see what I can find. THANKS.

13-Jun-2017, 05:25
Well the ARGUS flash unit I was thinking of has two plugs that come out of the side of the flash (see picture) and plug into the side of the camera. So the cord's not for that!