View Full Version : Steve Hopf Ground Glass

Jim Andrada
10-Jun-2017, 00:12
I've been trying to get hold of Steve re a new GG but haven't heard back from him for a while. Anybody heard from him recently?

David Karp
10-Jun-2017, 06:01

I bought a gg from Steve in February. I used hopfsteve@gmail.com to reach him. He responded very quickly. I hope this helps.

10-Jun-2017, 10:45
Sometimes he respond not right away. Be patient.

Jim Andrada
10-Jun-2017, 13:48
That's the address I used. Guess I'll just wait a bit.

10-Jun-2017, 15:37
You can also try contacting him through his facebook page

Jim Andrada
11-Jun-2017, 17:54
Thanks - I tried it.