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9-Jun-2017, 11:48
Hi all

I'm a pro photographer, so a friend gave me a load of stuff that he found in his Dads place when he died and asked if I could sell it for him. I've identified some of it and got that sorted, but there are a few lenses and plate holders that I really don't know what they are or what they are from. A friend said this forum may be a good place to ask. If I remember correctly, the plates were in a box that said Linhof on it, so presume he had a Linhof at some point, but he hasn't been able to find it.

Anyway, if anyone could identify what these items are from I'd really appreciate that.







Mark Sawyer
9-Jun-2017, 12:21
1.) a film holder
2.) and enlarging lens for medium format
3.) an enlarging lens for 35mm
4.) a 4x5 camera lens

9-Jun-2017, 12:31
First image is a 4x5 film holder. Third is a 50mm f/4.5 enlarging lens. Fourth is a Schneider Symmar 150mm f/5.6 large format lens, typically used on a 4x5 camera. Since it's in a Linhof mount/shutter it's a "cherry-picked" sample from the Schneider line as Linhof had that relationship with the Schneider firm and should have excellent performance. These lenses have a front and rear component. With the front component removed, the lens becomes a 265mm f/12. This lens is not marked as a convertible lens, but it will still function that way. The lenses so marked have a second f/ stop scale. These are excellent lenses if the sample has no fungus or haze (often happens to old lenses). They perform best in their 150mm configuration, but the 265mm conversion is quite good. Yours is single-coated. No telling what shape the shutter is in.

Edit: A closer look at the image seems to indicate fungus on/in the glass.


Jim Jones
9-Jun-2017, 16:11
The first item is a 4x5 MPP film holder. Early MPP cameras and presumably their film holders had a slightly non-standard distance from the face of the holder or camera back to the film or ground glass. I don't know if this is one of those holders, or a later one with a standard distance.

According to the Lens Vade Mecum, the second item is a triplet enlarging lens, introduced just before WWII, and in production for several years after the war. However, the number series on the side of the lens seems strange. This lens is outclassed by modern four and six element lenses.

Mark & Rich have nailed the last two. The last lens may just be dirty. In good condition, it should be a desirable lens. If it has fungus that has etched the lens, its value will be much decreased.

11-Jun-2017, 10:12
Thanks for your help guys, really appreciated.