View Full Version : Jobo CPA2 drain faucet/tap valve refitting

9-Jun-2017, 10:59
I just borrowed a Jobo CPA2 from a friend.
Its drain valve/tap is loose.
I removed it and its locking nut and cleaned the area that had a bunch of old silicone glue.

What product should I use to ensure it will not leak when a reinstall?
Is epoxy glue too harsh?

9-Jun-2017, 11:06
Do you have a place that sells a variety of 'O' rings?

Fred L
9-Jun-2017, 11:35
No to the epoxy as you don't want a permaseal on that tap ! If you can't find the right washer/ o ring, I suggest packing material (cord/ rope) that forms a seal when used. Basically it's o ring on a rope (maybe 1/16" diameter or so).

When I repaired mine, I think the original washer was still intact so reused that. Mine has never leaked from the tap but it sits in the sink anyways so no consequences if it did ;)

10-Jun-2017, 05:02
The original washer as all crinkled.
Jac and Fred, I went after a bag of o-rings I had and maybe I found a replacement, thanks.
I'll give it a try.
I'm worried the tap needs a lot of force to turn to open and close and that will eventually weaken the seal.

Fred L
10-Jun-2017, 06:06
ah, my tap also was difficult to open and close. What happened was that the handle was turned too much so I had to take it apart and reseat it properly. Can't recall what I did but it's much better now. Am very tempted to replace it with a proper brass tap that can take a hose fitting, that is also easier to open and close.

10-Jun-2017, 10:34
My tap is hard to close all the way but it has been like that since new.
The tap used to be available on-line, but looks like they are harder to find now:

Fred L
10-Jun-2017, 12:58
not as cheap as the brew tap but this is what I'm thinking of to replace the plastic, tough to turn job.


10-Jun-2017, 23:12
Omer Hecht at CATLabs has these replacement faucet parts, including the O ring, for $28. He does not list just the O rings among his replacement parts. The faucet on my CPP processor is a bit drippy, but I have a plumber in my home town who probably has every size and type of gasket and O ring that has ever been made, so this thread reminds me to make him a visit.

11-Jun-2017, 06:15
An o-ring works fine. As for the valve itself, just take it apart and clean it up, then a light coating of silicone faucet lube. Do not use any petroleum based products on plastic parts! Mine works much better now

Keith Pitman
11-Jun-2017, 09:08
My drain valve started to drip continually. I replaced it with a couple of plastic parts from Home Depot: the yellow valve from the garden section and a plastic hose thread adapter from the plumbing section. Works a lot better than the original and didn't cost $28.

P.S. Looks like I could spend some time cleaning this area of the Jobo! :-)

13-Jun-2017, 13:15
Thank you everyone.
I found a bag of o-rings and have found 2 very promissing ones.
I'll try to install the tap next friday.

18-Jun-2017, 16:09
All went well with the o-ring and I was able to process a bunch of film! thanks!

22-Jun-2017, 21:59
I put in something like this works great. The original drum tap on my CPP2 was made in the UK, beer making. I use a snap open tap , no question it's either open or closed. And I drain and dry my machine after every use. Clean as a whistle