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8-Jun-2017, 13:36
Got the 44.5mm hole punched in the lens board. Now I need the thread specs for the jam nut.

Appears to be a non-standard thread or a not-modern thread.

Anyone know the thread diameter and pitch on a 152mm Ektar in a flach supermatic?

I'd like to get this project going by the end of the summer. Any critics of this lens? Hear it's a keeper but can't prove it yet.


peter schrager
8-Jun-2017, 17:29
one of my favorite lenses. had mine for many years and it is superb. if you tell me what to look for maybe I can get you the thread diameter and pitch
best, Peter

Mark Sampson
8-Jun-2017, 18:45
You should ask at SK Grimes. They will almost certainly know, and they may well have a jam nut in stock.

Raymond Bleesz
9-Jun-2017, 06:06
I have a 152mm Ektar here in Colorado. It has served me well. It was given to me by an old timer along with its BJ 4x5 field camera in the mid to late 1980's. It was my learning lens for 4x5, and I still use it with my AS system. I like its size and weight. I have another lens, a 155, I somehow have, and its a monster compared to the 152.

One further note: I have restored a Scovill Albion 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 field camera with its Rochester Victor lens. I have adapted it to using 5x7 film. I have also created a wooden lens holder for the 152 Ektar which I use with this antique camera.

152mm Ektar is a great lens, IMO. Raymond

Jim Jones
9-Jun-2017, 17:17
The shutter on my 1948 152mm Ektar in a Flash Supermatic shutter has mounting threads 1.75 in diameter and 40 T.P.I. The extension on the jam nut has a diameter of 1.85 inches. Of course the nut will work fine in a 1.75" hole, too.

14-Jul-2017, 13:43
End of story!

Went to see my local ACE hardware man.

He had about 100 different snap-ring sizes. Bought one, it was too small, went back and got one a size larger. Fit perfectly! Not black but I've a tiny jar of flat black model paint that is always coming in handy.

All the advise was good to know.


14-Jul-2017, 14:41
End of story!

Went to see my local ACE hardware man.

ACE is my first go-to place. If I cannot find what will work, I go down the street to an old-school machinist.
Glad your search worked out well!