View Full Version : Marie Cosindas dies at 93

7-Jun-2017, 23:33

Mark Sampson
8-Jun-2017, 07:32
A remarkable photographer. She seems to have been forgotten in recent years (wrongly). The Times obit was quite interesting to read; I'll have to find a book of her work.

peter schrager
8-Jun-2017, 08:11
Always enjoyed her work...

neil poulsen
8-Jun-2017, 08:31
I ran across her book of Polaroids, one that I had admired in the 70's, and bought it at Powell Books. Very nice images. She participated in an Ansel Adams workshop, and I recall reading A.A. had commented that she thought in color. Maybe that's why he recommended her to Polaroid.

Serge S
8-Jun-2017, 09:03
Her work always stood out. Beautiful quiet images.

Merg Ross
8-Jun-2017, 09:04
One of a kind, and one of the best. She left us some beautiful work.

Jerry Bodine
8-Jun-2017, 10:24
RIP, Marie. I met her at an AA Yosemite workshop in the '60s and was so impressed with her jaw-dropping color images (even at that early point in her career) that I thought I'd try it myself, though lacking in her training and skill. After obtaining a Polaroid 500 holder for my Sinar, I started my testing of the film by setting up my strobes and holding all conditions constant from one exposure to the next. When the last color film from the first box and the first film from a new box were totally different, I concluded that Polaroid needed to get their materials under better control. A dollar per shot (at that time) just wasn't economical with that level of inconsistency. Even though they replaced the film when I contacted them about my experience, I never again used the color film for any important work. All this demonstrates my lack of determination. But their b&w films were excellent.

8-Jun-2017, 12:23
Sad news. She is a photographer who's work I've admired for a very long time. Rest In Peace.