View Full Version : Michael Smith Paula Chamlee Show Highland Park IL

Chuck Pere
7-Jun-2017, 14:15
There is a Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee show at the Highland Park Art Center north of Chicago until June 25.

Very nice to see some excellent contact prints. For some reason this show doesn't appear to be on the artist's website. Not huge but enough prints to visit if you are a fan and in the area.

7-Jun-2017, 15:04
Thanks for the heads up Chuck.

Peter De Smidt
8-Jun-2017, 09:30
Yeah, thanks! I'll try to check it out.

8-Jun-2017, 10:17
I will go there and see the exhibition too this weekend. Thanks for the info!

Chuck Pere
18-Jun-2017, 09:15
A person on APUG found out that this show closed early when trying to visit. Not June 25 as shown on the website. Sounds like a problem in scheduling between gallery and photographers. Hope anyone who wanted to see it did. I've never seen any other local shows of their work.

Peter De Smidt
18-Jun-2017, 11:31
Thirsday was the last day. Luckily I made it down then.

Richard Wasserman
18-Jun-2017, 12:36
Drat, I was planning on going tomorrow!