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5-Jun-2017, 11:27
Where can I buy a copal ring for my lenses? I mean the nut that holds the lens to the baord.

I looked at B&H, but maybe I'm putting in the wroing thing....

Thanks, ad

5-Jun-2017, 11:37
New and used ones frequently show up on EBAY -- depending on the shutter being used. Search for "shutter ("jam nut",ring)".

Bob Salomon
5-Jun-2017, 11:55
0, 1 or 3 would also help.

5-Jun-2017, 12:25
I'd get a Copal flange from SKG that screws onto the lens board. That way, you can use different lenses on the board. Works much better than the ring. If you can't find a ring, PM me. L

5-Jun-2017, 13:22
Thanks, I'm looking for a copal 1.

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Steven Tribe
5-Jun-2017, 13:50
SKG is also known as Grimes.

5-Jun-2017, 13:58
Right now there are a dozen on EBAY starting at under $10.


5-Jun-2017, 15:45
Much obliged!

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