View Full Version : 4X5 Shen Hao Reliability/Sturdiness

4-Jun-2017, 16:34
I am pondering whether to get a Shen Hao TZ45 IIB and am interested in the user experience in terms of sturdiness and reliability. I have been hauling around a Sinar A1 for the past 20 years. Its a wonderful camera with lots of movements, ease of use and reliability. But I am seeking a lighter load, as well as avoiding packing a rail camera. Its been a while since I have seen a thread on the TZ45IIB and I am wondering how it is faring among those of you using it. I use lenses from 90 MM to 300mm. Assume none of these are an issue with the TZ45 IIB. Thanks. JAMeyers55.

4-Jun-2017, 23:17
I have a TZ45-IIA the predecessor, the bellows on it are some synthetic material (i think!) and quite tough and hardy. At minimum extension they do become to rigid to allow for much movements though so a bag bellows for that 90mm might be recommended.