View Full Version : What might this be? Scratches...

31-May-2017, 15:30
I am happy with the performance of this lens I got, but the scratches on the rim are a mystery.

Any ideas why they are there? Why would someone do that? Thank you in advance.


Oh, it is a Wollensak Velostigmat Wide Angle Ser. III f/9.5 8x10 6 1/4" (I hope I got that right)

31-May-2017, 15:36
Filter ring misuse, bad lens spanner action, etc???

I often black out these to prevent this from reflecting into filters, close to glass/windows etc...

Steve K

Pere Casals
31-May-2017, 15:41
Any ideas why they are there?


Coud it be made with a lens spanner ? to remove front element ?

Mark Sampson
31-May-2017, 17:36
Man. Somebody should have known to stop after they made the first scratch! At least they weren't on the glass.

31-May-2017, 18:15
This is what happens if you don't have a lens spanner.

Lachlan 717
31-May-2017, 19:16
If they are from lens spanner/ equivalent, the marks were done TIGHTENING the ring (scratch from L to R, indicating clockwise direction, indicating tightening).

Perhaps the stupidity continued by trying to undo the ring by turning it the wrong way?