View Full Version : Pelican case for Calumet C1 8x10 camera + 5 film holders

30-May-2017, 22:00
I'm trying to figure out what rolling pelican case to get for my Calumet C1 8x10 with 5 film holders. I believe the 1630 model would be a good fit but I'm still unsure only because i don't know how much foam I need to cushion this heavy beast so it doesn't accidentally get damaged.

Is there anyone's out there with a C1 that could recommend a specific pelican case for my needs? If this were any other camera I would feel more confident choosing a case but the size and weight of the C1 is making me second guess myself

Thanks in advance,

Johnny LaRue
31-May-2017, 06:55
Last month I had a look at the Pelican Air case, the larger one is the 1615, I think.
I wanted to get my lighting equipment in there, and the case definitely could handle the weight.
Rather than get the version with foam, I would get the one with bright yellow padded dividers.
If that case can handle a heavy old Speedotron power pack and several heads, I'm sure your camera would feel right at home in there.