View Full Version : Anyone considered or tried Vantablack paint?

30-May-2017, 13:15
Not actually the real research Vantablack, but a very closely related light absorbing cousin: https://culturehustle.com/products/black-v1-0-beta-the-world-s-mattest-flattest-blackest-art-material

It seems ideal for a small contrast boost in older lenses via coating the inside baffles and tube, not to mention inside view cameras and associated items like lens shades.

Since I'm currently restoring an 8x10 and the interior spaces will all need re-painting matte black... :confused:

30-May-2017, 14:06
Beware that Anish Kapoor doesn't sue you: https://www.format.com/magazine/features/art/anish-kapoor-stuart-semple-vantablack-blackest-black ;)


Peter De Smidt
30-May-2017, 14:18
That whole feud is hilarious.

30-May-2017, 17:22
I think I'll buy some then, just to give it a go. Won't be until Summer until there is a view camera frame in shape for it, but patience is a virtue.

Christopher Barrett
30-May-2017, 17:39
I just received a bottle of that a couple weeks ago and really had no idea what I might do with it.