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Michael Jones
24-May-2017, 11:19
I just received an email advising Clyde had a stoke and is hospitalized. The text follows:

We would like to thank everybody so much for all the support and kind words. Every day Clyde has been opening some of his cards, it's giving him so much inspiration!! All this positive energy is certainly helping Clyde remain focused and determined to get back to doing what he loves and sharing it with you all!

Note from Jackie...
My father (Clyde) had his stroke 3 weeks ago, at that time my mom and I were in shock; we were uncertain of the severity of the situation and how things would progress. Last week we decided to let folks know what had happened and we are so glad we did! Wow, the prayers, support and love all of are are feeling is helping. Dad's spirits are high and we hope he will be coming home by the end of this week, He is now able to stand and walk a few steps with a walker. There is still a lot of work and therapy for him to do... But we are hoping by the end of the summer he will be back to his photography. Thank you again for all your prayers, it means so much to all of us.
We will continue to keep you updated on Clyde's progress.

If you would like to send Clyde a letter feel free to address it to:

Clyde Butcher -Venice Gallery & Studio
237 Warfield Ave, Venice FL 34285

Please keep him in your thoughts. Thanks.


PS: If I placed this in the wrong category, please correct & accept my apology.

Oren Grad
24-May-2017, 11:48
Thanks for passing along the news - very sorry to hear this, hope he will have a swift and complete recovery...

John Kasaian
25-May-2017, 05:51
Sad news, but it's good to hear he's recovering. My prayers for Clyde and his family.

25-May-2017, 07:03
Been there, done that. God bless Clyde Butcher.

Michael Jones
31-May-2017, 08:25
UPDATE from the Gallery:

Clyde is still recovering from his recent stroke on May 6th, he is now home and continuing his recovery and rehabilitation training. He is inspired and focused thanks to all the gracious and wonderful support he has been receiving -- thank you all so much!! We all hope that by the end of the summer Clyde will be out there doing what he loves... Photographing and helping spread awareness of the importance & beauty our environment possesses.

The Naples Daily News interviewed Clyde after his incident, it's a nice and light hearted article. View the interview here.


Andrew O'Neill
31-May-2017, 10:58
Here's to a full recovery, healthy eating, and exercise, so that he can continue making photographs!

Milton Tierney
1-Jun-2017, 11:16
God bless Clyde, Clyde is one of the few great photographers that give me inspiration.
Hope he as a full recovery.

1-Jun-2017, 11:48
If I were younger, I would volunteer to be Clyde's mule.
But I suspect I am older than he is.

Get well, Clyde. We love you and Niki!

Milton Tierney
1-Jun-2017, 12:30
I think I'm about his age, but I'll still be his mule, maybe a Llama