View Full Version : Adapt Beseler CB7 lens stage to 45M, anybody done this?

Eric Woodbury
24-May-2017, 09:42
I'd like to change the lens stage on my Beseler 45M enlarger to have a 'focus motor' same as my CB7 enlarger. I'd also adapt the lens stage swing capability of the CB7 to the 45M. It looks doable, but I notice that the CB7 has a smooth wheel focus mechanism, while the 45M has a rack and pinion system for focus. I'm wondering if this poses a great problem. Have any of you folks tried this conversion?

LFF is the best.

Thanks, EW

24-May-2017, 12:56
Good luck. I have an unusual CB7, in that is a standard CB7 but without the focusing system. It has the buttons, etc. for it but they were obviously never installed. No big deal for me -- I probably wouldn't use it if I had it. And maybe mine is not as unusual as I think. I have the oversized standard condenser head, as well as the harder to find 12 volt point light source head -- a real beauty with amazing results for certain images. In short, I can't speak about moving the focusing gear from a CB7 to a 45M -- even though I have both.

As for the lens stage, I know that the 45M is not perfect and someone made an improved version, probably back in the 1980's. As I recall, it was sold by Zone VI, which means someone else manufactured it, so it might be available under a different name. I don't recall what it was called, but perhaps someone on this board recalls -- or even has one. But I think it was basically a CB7 lens stage -- with the marked increments and a geared knob for changing it.

24-May-2017, 19:25
I think the power focus system wasn't standard, but from what I've seen, most people bought their CB7 that way.