View Full Version : For Trade, can mean two things?

Steven Tribe
24-May-2017, 05:38
At present, For Trade (FT) is placed in the For Sale section.

This is usually something like this:

"I have a 42cm Francais Petzval for sale - would be interested in any Pictorial lens which covers 8x10 (FT)".

But I could envisage:

"I want a large Petzval (42cm +). I have for, for trade a Dallmeyer 3B."

At the moment, it looks like all FT offers are to be placed in the FS section. To me, at least, it would seem to be more logical to place the second example in the Wanted section.

I understand the decision to castrate the joint selling/buying thread, but it certainly has become dull!

Oren Grad
27-May-2017, 20:39
Steven, the consensus among the moderators is that given the absence of complaints or other reported problems with respect to FT listings and the value of having an unambiguous rule for where to find them, this is something best left as is.

Steven Tribe
29-May-2017, 05:38
No problem!

i just wanted to check that the place for a FT advert (Even when it is fishing for a specific item!) is in the FS/FT section.