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23-May-2017, 11:12
I just got a Kearsarge 502 Timer, but it came without a manual. Does anyone happen to have a copy???

I would like to be able to use this on a Beseler CB7 with colorhead. I currently have a Kearsarge 300 series timer on the enlarger, and it works just fine with the power cables daisy-chained so that from the colorhead transformer it goes into the timer, and from there to the fan/blower.

With the 502 timer, I don't even know which plug receptacle in the back to use, not to mention what all these buttons do!

Thank you.


Robert Bowring
24-May-2017, 07:42
I have a Kearsarge 403 timer and instruction manual. The timer looks somewhat similar to your timer. I don't know if they work the same way but I could send you the 403 instructions. It looks like your timer is set up to handle 2 enlargers and 2 safelights. On my timer the enlarger plugs into "500 watts timed on" and the safelight plugs into "300 watts timed off". There is also very specific instructions on how to hook up a power supply and voltage stabilizer. Apparently if you hook them up wrong you can fry the timer so be careful. I also have a Kearsarge 301 timer but did not get the instructions for that one. It was pretty simple to figure that one out. I would have never figured out the 403 without the instructions. These are very good timers and if I remember correctly they were very popular back in the day but it is almost impossible to find any information about them today. I am not much of a computer guy but if you email me maybe I can figure out how to scan and send the instructions to you. If not, you can send me your address and I will mail you a copy. bowring.robert@att.net

30-May-2017, 12:55
Many thanks, Robert. The manual for the Kearsarge 403 that you sent was super helpful.

I have since scanned the manual into a PDF. So if anyone happens to need a copy, please message me on here and I'd be glad to pass it forward.

30-May-2017, 13:21
Maybe you should contact Dick Butkas and send him a copy of the manual.

30-May-2017, 18:43
Maybe you should contact Dick Butkas and send him a copy of the manual.

Since the 'OP' may or may not be familiar with that Web Site...


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Robert Bowring
31-May-2017, 06:00
Glad it helped you. Good luck

31-May-2017, 08:29
Hi, yes. I've used that site a lot. I'll donate a copy there.

Thank you.

5-Sep-2017, 18:07
Hey Guys!
I'm new to the site here, but not new in many ways :-}
found the discussion about the Kearsage 502 here and I'm would be ever so grateful to receive a digital copy of the mentioned manual.
I've been using this thing for about 25 years with out the benefit of actually knowing all of what it is capable.
I've figured out the basics of saving exposure times in the four slots, the overtime/overrun etc
Obscura.Lucida! would you be so kind to email me your scan?