View Full Version : Drymounting Inkjet Baryta prints sprayed with Print Shield

Chester McCheeserton
23-May-2017, 10:33
Have folks had any problems with using a traditional Seal heat press and Colormount tissue when attempting to mount prints that have already been sprayed?

I'm using Canson Baryta or similar, and mounting to 8 ply museum board. Done it before with prints that were not sprayed and realize that just spraying them after mounting would make most sense, but have some good copies already sprayed that I'd rather not re-print and re-spray.

Thanks a lot

25-May-2017, 22:30
Chester, I don't have an answer to your question but I have a question for you.
Have you used the Seal heat press and color mount tissue to mount inkjet prints that have NOT been sprayed and if so what temperature did you set the Seal press at?

I assume by your question that you have but I wanted to make my question clear.



Chester McCheeserton
26-May-2017, 21:18
Hi Gary,

Yes, though not very extensively the way I have with darkroom prints and it's been a couple years.

The few inkjets I did mount seemed to work fine the same way, with the press around 200 degrees, although I see on B+H website the spec sheet suggests 185 so it's possible I went a little lower, can't honestly remember.