View Full Version : how to scan the boarders in?

21-May-2017, 10:43

How can I scan the boarders in? The film holders are usually smaller than the full frame+boards?
thoughts? 165139165139

Peter De Smidt
21-May-2017, 12:33
Make a custom holder. If you have a flatbed, you can use an 8x10" piece of glass to mount the film below it, using tape as feet in the four corners. You can wet-mount, if needed, or use electrical tape to tension the edges of the film. Or, depending on your scanner, you can mount the film directly to the scanner platen.

21-May-2017, 13:04
Since you are already into the digital paradigm, scan a negative on a flatbed scanner, crop out the center image, keeping the border and in subsequent post-processing use it for a border. You can use that border forever. If you change films you can even fake the notches with an overlaid layer.

Kinda depressing advising how to make digital emulate physical analog. :(

22-May-2017, 15:52
thanks guys
i thought it'd be easier. but ...