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21-May-2017, 10:09
I was planning on making a developing/darkroom out of a small tent. My specific thought was to get an inexpensive 3 person tent and line it with a few additional layers of thick black fabric and add additional flaps of the entrance etc.

The goal would be to make a semi-portable dark environment which could be packed away, and that would be big enough to sit in and develop 5x4 film in trays. And perhaps even big enough to use a small enlarger for smaller formats - althought that's not essential.

The daylight developing tanks seem pretty expensive for sheet film and the reviews I've read seem to find problems with all of the designs. Such as not holding the film properly, so it touches the sides, or breaking. I don't have access to a dark room, and as a student, I don't have a lot of space.

Do you guys have any thoughts? I haven't seen anyone else trying this online, so if I do get around to it I'll probably make a post or youtube video showing what I end up with.

21-May-2017, 11:53
When I looked into doing something similar to you I found some threads recomendiong grow tents .
For e.g ; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hydroponic-Grow-Room-Indoor-Dark-Room-Mylar-Tent-60-80-100-120-240-ALL-SIZES-/261410799591?var=&hash=item3cdd4c3fe7:m:mhE4H4xidxidFtdf_raU1Mg

All sorts of sizes available , port holes to fit extracter fans to get rid of fumes ( fixer etc) and let some air in . already light tight , the only bit needing a bit of attention would be the last part of the zip as there intended to be zipped up from the outside .
A bit of dark cloth and velcro would sort that .

Change of plan for me though , I'm in the process of building a permanant darkroom .
For loading darkslide's I using a Harrison pup film changing tent for when I'm on the road .

edit ; there are some threads on using one of these here and on APUG ; http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?132410-Using-a-grow-tent-as-a-full-fledged-darkroom&highlight=grow+tent

21-May-2017, 12:15
Keep in mind that lightproof fabric does not have to be heavy and thick.
Google ThorLabs.

Dave Wooten
21-May-2017, 13:44
Check on the "grow rooms" ...hydroponics

22-May-2017, 12:37
Thanks guys. I didn't think to look for those. That might be an easier solution.