View Full Version : Video interview with Austin Granger about his book and the platinum prints

Paul Cunningham
18-May-2017, 13:26
Hi All,

The work of The Cunningham Press continues, this time with a one-on-one interview with photographer and author, Austin Granger.

He talks about his book, "Elegy from the Edge of a Continent, Photographing Point Reyes", and reads a few passages that pertain to his images. We also look at a few of the platinum prints.

Please take a look and I hope you find it interesting! (25 minutes)


For more about Austin's book, please visit his web site at www.austingranger.com (http://www.austingranger.com), or The Cunningham Press at www.thecunninghampress.com (http://www.thecunninghampress.com)

18-May-2017, 18:13
Congratulations Austin, on the book publication and the interview!

David Hedley
19-May-2017, 00:42
Thank you for making this video. The photography is outstanding (I knew that already); what was new and interesting for me were echoes of Melville and Thoreau in the prose, like faint kettle drum rolls in the background.