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18-May-2017, 08:37
Hi, all! Cheers from Mali.

I am a Swiss guy currently working in Mali. I discovered 4x5 during my last leave home and have, since ordered an intrepid. I couldn't believe how beautiful 4x5 provia 100f looks! I will also most likely preorder their upcoming 8x10 on kickstarter.

I must confess that I am somewhat frustrated that I can't really take the film down here due to the airport scan.

I am hoping to take it into "my" home mountains. I will probably try a 6x17 back on the intrepid, also. Anyway, I am looking forward to learning more and using the gear.

Tim Meisburger
18-May-2017, 09:01
Just carry your film in your carry-on bag. It will be fine. Its only the checked baggage scanners that destroy film. I would not miss the opportunity of shooting in Mali!

I recommend you also buy a developing tank and some chemicals, so you can develop your negatives in Mali. That way, you will not accidently put your exposed film in a checked bag, as I did once coming from Indonesia.

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18-May-2017, 09:49
Oh! That sounds encouraging!

Due to the terrorist threat and the lack of education of the airport personal, I highly doubt that they will allow me to spare the film from the checked baggage scanner. Are you saying that it most likely won't damage the film?

18-May-2017, 10:27
You should be able to bring the film on board the plane and the carry on scanners are generally safe for ISO 400 and lower. The checked luggage scanners (that scan the luggage going into the hold) will definitely damage the film.


18-May-2017, 10:36
Hi GMason, if all else fails, have your film posted to where you're staying. Also, the idea to develop the film there is a good one. That being said, I've always taken my film on the plane with me. I asked to have it hand inspected a couple of times, but it was overkill on my part and not at all necessary. Enjoy your Intrepid and as Mr. Meisburger said, Mali needs to be exposed to some of that Provia you mentioned (or, um, vice versa!)