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18-May-2017, 07:44
Hi Everybody!

My Name is Fred and Ive been absent from this forum and photography for about 4 years. Recently my interest in photography reignited and I started to shoot 4x5 Largeformat Film almost exclusively (some 35mm and MF in the mix).

In 2009 I build a Box around my 65mm f8 super angulon (single coated, 00 shutter) to shoot Street Photography with a fixed focus since I didn't seem to find a helical that I could afford. this thing looked like this 165069
I always loved the pictures I got out of it:Freds Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/search/?user_id=57493810%40N00&sort=date-taken-desc&text=super%20angulon%2065mm&view_all=1)

Searching around the web I took the risk and ordered a Helical Focus mount for m42 lenses. Pretty chreap those adapters and just a tad to narrow for the 65mm lens barrel (approx. 43mm) Kecay m42 focus mount (https://www.amazon.de/KECAY-Objektiv-Adapter-Focusing-Helicoid/dp/B01ISL3CQG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1495118075&sr=8-3&keywords=kecay+m42)

Next I used a dremel to file the m42 threads to make room for the back barrel and cut off the m42 camera mount to flat mount the lens (using the adapter in reverse) not pictured is that I had to epoxy a ring to the front since the hole is too big for a size 00 shutter.
165070 165072

The linhof back I got from the old box camera is just perfect for such a project, and I found that the wooden boxes I bought at the local art market to practice veneering. Didn't like the veneer for my headphone amp projects so I put it away. Gladly it fits perfectly on the linhof back and the depth is perfect for infinity focus of the lens! Yay :-)

18-May-2017, 07:50
This morning I finished the Camera and now Im sitting at Work waiting to get out and shoot the damn thing :-)

Focus goes from infinity down to 0.6m, travel on the mount is almost 9mm.

I will report back with the results of todays shooting, hope the thing is light tight.


Hopefully this thread is helping someone. I sure wish that I knew this adapter existed since I already disassembled two 35mm lenses for their focusmount (didn't even come closre to fitting)

all the best,

18-May-2017, 07:59

Great minds think alike. (http://www.digoliardi.net/super-wide-4x5-1.jpg) :)

I look forward to the results.

18-May-2017, 08:37
Very cool!!! They sure are silblings!! Which focus mount did you use?

18-May-2017, 09:04
Very cool!!! They sure are silblings!! Which focus mount did you use?

The focus helix was already attached to the lens, 47mm S-A F/5.6. It's from a Brooks Veriwide.
I've made a few cameras from this type of lens and focus mount. Below are snapshots from
another version with a universal back good for 4x5 and roll film holders.

Pictures here:

Have good shooting session today!

18-May-2017, 10:52
Some time ago I managed to find this lens on eBay - with focus helical mounted on a Super Graphic lens board. It even came with a focusing spacer:

I know from an old Graflex catalog that this was sold as a lens kit for the Super Graphic camera. Can anyone confirm that this is what I got? I'm also wondering about that link chain around the focusing spacer. Was that just the previous owner's idea for loss prevention or would this have been part of the Graflex lens kit (if that's what this is)?

18-May-2017, 11:11
Lovely cameras. Love the graflex back :)
47mm, wow, now i understand why yours is so shallow! I only ever shot 47mm with a 6x9 alpa, was basically the same as i have now with 65 on 4x5. 47mm on 4x5 must be tough to find things to Shoot!? Im always too far away from people with the 65mm. if your pictures arent good enough you aren't close enough, comes to my mind ;)

Shooting was very nice, evening light on Danube river, just beautiful. Now on my way home to develop two batches of Foma Sheet films. Good times!

18-May-2017, 11:32
Lovely cameras. Love the graflex back :)

You recognized it. It clipped directly to the Veriwide lens board. When I found that back I was planing a more difficult modification. I jumped to get it. But is it a Graflex? The back has the very same four studs that clip into the Veriwide board. Puzzle!

I look forward to your photos of the Danube river.

18-May-2017, 15:30
oh my its late.. still, I have proof that the camera works, success!!

https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4162/34742837135_e99ec0e578_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/UW784n). (https://flic.kr/p/UW784n) by Friedrich Schiller (https://www.flickr.com/photos/57493810@N00/), on Flickr

https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4201/34742841505_f919906cbd_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/UW79mH). (https://flic.kr/p/UW79mH) by Friedrich Schiller (https://www.flickr.com/photos/57493810@N00/), on Flickr

18-May-2017, 18:13
Sooo much better than my first super-wide LF images!
Thank you for that.

21-May-2017, 05:11
Nice. I made focusing ring for SA f/4 53mm from Flektogon f/4 50mm

21-May-2017, 22:47
That's cool! Actually, getting a MF lens for the focus ring was plan b. I was hoping to find a 35mm lens that is large enough just because its much easier and cheaper getting a scrap one.

Do the depth of field markings and actual focus line up in your design? neat when you can get the same focal length!

21-May-2017, 23:53
So, project is finished now. Just added all the bells and whistles I know I need. handles for better stability and as a bump protection for the lens. A tripod mount is epoxied into the wood and I mounted a hot shoe for flash photography (I use my GF Canon Speedlight for this)


The first picture at about 1m focus (f22 1/60th 400ASA Fomapan):
https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4162/34715600396_dfdfd25060_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/UTGwwq). (https://flic.kr/p/UTGwwq) by Friedrich Schiller (https://www.flickr.com/photos/57493810@N00/), on Flickr

22-May-2017, 08:19
Do the depth of field markings and actual focus line up in your design? neat when you can get the same focal length!
Probably not. Will by a new markings.

22-May-2017, 09:02
A minor building hint. My first W/A was of wood body and back. I spent a lot of time planing the body to the correct thickness - ~1.5 millimeters short of focusing at infinity with the lens set to the infinity marking. Then for a light-proof gasket between the back and body I used 3M double sided adhesive tape #4220, 1.4mm thick, which was a compressible composite, like dense foam. The idea was to screw down the back's fasteners just enough to meet infinity, and the overall depth was as close as I could expect considering the wood plane I used.

That was eighteen years ago and the composite has shrunk. All it takes to make it all right again is to remove the back and replace the tape with new stock. Simple. Quick.

If I were to rebuild it I would remove more material and use two layers of the foam. That way the depth need not be as critical as ~.1mm.