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Jeff T
18-May-2017, 01:09
Good morning,

This arrived today with a Kodak 2D 8x10 camera. The sliding frame has templates for 5x7, 6 1/2 x 8 x1/2, and 8x10 removable masks. I found two clear glass plates, stacked in the 5x7 frame. Towards rear there are two 10 3/4 x 10 3/4 inch frosted glass plates with about 1/2 inch gap between them. I am not certain if this was a Kodak product since I do not see any marking. My guess, a device for making a contact print with the Kodak 2D camera. I would appreciate your advice if you have experience with this. Thanks.

Michael E
18-May-2017, 02:30
My guess is that somebody used the camera as an enlarger.

Mark Sawyer
18-May-2017, 18:24
My guess is that somebody used the camera as an enlarger.

Sounds right to me. The frosted glass should be at the rear, diffusing light from the light source (usually outdoor light) before it goes through the "masks" (negative carriers), then through the lens at the front of the camera to project the image. There were quite a few variations, but here's the basic idea:


It could be from an earlier camera but still fits the 2D, as Eastman kept the same size backs for quite a few years through quite a few cameras.

Jeff T
22-May-2017, 13:24
That sounds right to me as well. Thanks to Mark and Michael. This is a part of a collection from a local portrait photographer who shot 150,000 8x10 images during his lifetime. This will be in an exhibit hopefully in the near future.

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